Town Of Clifton

Honorable John Dragun

7171 St. Highway 3,
Cranberry Lake, NY 12927
Hours of Operation:


            The Justice Court for the Town of Clifton is in session on the first and third Tuesdays of each month at 6:00pm. The Court is located in the Clifton Community Center at 7171 State Highway 3, Cranberry Lake, New York 12927. There is parking behind the Community Center; enter through the front of the building. The Court telephone number is 315-848-5522, and the fax number is 315-848-2683. Court hours other than those on the first and third Tuesdays are irregular. Court Clerk is Joan Foster.

            If you wish to speak with the Judge or leave information for him, you may do so at the telephone number above (there is an answering machine). Should you find yourself leaving a message, please speak slowly and distinctly, spell your last name, and provide your case number or ticket number (if you have either), as well as your date of birth.

            With regard to paying fines, the Court does NOT accept personal checks, but is NOW equipped to handle payments via credit cards or debit cards. Payments in the form of a money order or a bank-certified check should be made in the exact amount due.  Personal checks will be returned. Money orders and bank checks issued for more than the amount due will be returned.