Town Of Clifton


NOTES for the 2017 Adopted Budget:


Special districts are collected ONLY from those residents within that particular district. If you DO NOT live with in the Newton Falls Sewer District, for example, you WILL NOT be charged for such services on your taxes.


The Town of Clifton has remained in 2017 under the tax cap limit. Following the formula generated by the NYS Comptroller's Office, the tax limit for the town amounted to $1,289.428. This was the maximum amount allowed for the 2017 Budget without overriding the tax cap. This total for the town includes the General Fund, the Highway fund, the Star Lake Fire Protective District and the Star Lake West Clifton ambulance, equalling $1,289,400. The town was able to remain under the tax cap by $28.


Changes in the Woodhaven Water District has resulted from a combining of the water district with Star Lake. This has changed the number of EDU's (Equilevent Dwelling Units). New customers that will now be hooked into this service are being charged a debt service which will be collected on the taxes. Former residents in this district will see a difference in that their fees will also now be collected on their taxes.

2015 Adopted Budget (PDF - 736.1 KB)
2016 Adopted Budget (PDF - 334.3 KB)