Town Of Clifton

Mark Friden

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The Office of the Registrar of Vital Statistics for the Town of Clifton handles all requests for copies of birth and death records. Please note that if you are inquiring about obtaining a marriage license, or a copy of a marriage record, those requests should be directed the Sharon Snider, Town Clerk.

Below are the two necessary forms that you may download and print to apply by mail for a copy of either a birth or death record. Please note the requirements on the second page of the Birth Record Application. You are required to photocopy any of the forms of identification requested on the form DOH-296A (page 2 of 2) and send such a copy along with the completed application. Copies are NOT sent based solely on a telephone request; you must send the appropriate form with payment.

An uncertified copy will be sent to you unless you request that the copy be certified. Generally, a certified copy (with a raised seal and certification stamp and signature) is required if the certificate is needed for insurance or survivorship benefits. Genealogical copies need not be certified.

Copies of birth or death records (or "No Record Certification") require prepayment of a $10.00 fee for each copy requested. Please note that, in the event no record is located, the fee covers a search for the record requested. Should the requested record be located, the $10.00 fee covers the cost of making a copy and sending it to you. Payment can be made by personal check or by money order, made payable "Clifton Town Registrar". We do not accept credit or debit cards. Please do not mail cash. 

The birth records on file in the Town of Clifton commence in 1885; the death records commence in 1908. If you are searching for a record prior to those dates, please contact the Registrar for further information. The Town's boundaries changed twice since it was created in 1868; older records may be in an adjoining Town, or with the Department of Health in Albany.

Request forms and payments should be sent to:
Mark Friden
Town of Clifton Registrar
PO Box 647
Cranberry Lake, NY 12927

If you have any questions, you may reach the Registrar at 315-848-3222.